What is the process to seal?

Based on the product we use and square footage in the homes the average appointment from start to finish is about an hour. Of course, this can vary slightly if there is a lot of natural stone or if it is spread out in a large home.
We start by cleaning the natural stone surface with denatured alcohol or acetone and checking for any markings/writing that may not be visible until the chemical hits the area. When we find such markings we have an additional chemical to remove those markings. We also frequently encounter such things as silicone left over from the installation that we remove before continuing the process
Following the cleaning process we apply two coats of a well-known dry treatment sealer with time for it to soak in between coats. The final step in our process to buff the treated areas dry.
When we leave your home the countertops are dry and immediately usable, but we do caution that no standing water/moisture be allowed on the surface for the first 8 hours while it cures.
Countertops may contain a residual shine for up to a week after sealer has been applied.


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